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London Marathoner

Ladies PLEASE! We MUST calm ourselves. In our fervour of becoming feminists, we have evolved back into the Stone Age! What is this, hunh? Are we effin’ savages? Grunting at each other and then knocking someone on the head with … Continue reading

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Three people walk into a bar…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the Blank.” Three people walk into a bar… In for a pleasant evening away from the wives, bosses and mortgages. You know, away from the jailers basically. Three random people. Three … Continue reading

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Pahadi Short Cut

I am married to a Pahadi and in two short years learnt so much about them. Simple and affectionate to a fault, a pahadi way of showing they love you is by filling you with food and drink till you … Continue reading

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11 environmental disasters Narendra Modi blessed in his first 100 days

What a shame…A country known for it’s agricultural land will now become a concrete jungle with only human beings as survivors

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For you, my street child

I see you sometimes out when I go for a drive. Maybe at a signal or at a crossing. Always looking. Waiting, watching. In different stages of disrepair. Yes, disrepair. It’s the word I use because for so many you … Continue reading

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Ding…the bloody hell…Dong

We all know doorbells. They’re the innocent little Ding-Dongers that herald the approach of a visitor. They are sweet little moment killers that will go off at the EXACT moment you are thanking God no one has visited you. My … Continue reading

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The Tummy Bump

She jerks awake and looks around wildly trying to figure out where she is. When her bleary eyes pick out the familiar features of her house, her body starts relaxing. The lumpy little couch that her cat loves to curl … Continue reading

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Beddy bye…

Today’s Daily Prompt : Sleepy Time More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off? Nights are the best part of the day … Continue reading

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The Red Stilts

The red stilettos were perfect. A perfect distraction in a stuffy boardroom meeting or for an evening out with that cute Australian boy next door. If he agreed, that is. Sadly though, the shoes went straight from the store to … Continue reading

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Little White Hair

Little white hair You’re stuck to my scalp And I’m ok with that As long as no one can tell…. Snuggle up quiet Under the black tresses Coz quite frankly You don’t match, like, ANY of my dresses…. You’re crazy … Continue reading

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