Talvar – Go nuts!

Some days, it amazes me at the volume of over-reaction we have in our country. Take a look at this.


Read it?

Hmm…Now do you SERIOUSLY think showing your household help a movie is going to ‘change’ the way think or act? People are going off their rockers figuring out how the ‘moral of the story’ in this movie can be used to caution the help. Seriously? You’re going to ‘talk’ to them about how the movie showed the servants getting into trouble thanks to their own stupidity?

Listen up guys! First off, everyone in the country knew about this case and was following it panicky headline by panicky headline on the way to its current conclusion. Secondly, it also shows how, as help, you can waltz into a careless family’s house and actually commit a crime and go off scot-free! (If they ever did it, that is.)

What you need to do is STOP FEEDING THE MEDIA your out of proportion crazy and what you REALLY need to do is these things

  1. Do NOT allow anyone a free hand in your house, especially the help. You are the master/mistresses and that role also requires you to do more than being a lazy and over bearing ruler. BE RESPONSIBLE.
  2. Your help is miles and miles from home with little money and freedom at their disposal. Do you expect their friends to be the same ‘high level’ ones as yours? They’re going to make friends with other help, gardeners, drivers, car cleaners, etc. ACCEPT IT.
  3. One woman says she confiscated her help’s mobile as she was talking to strangers. Are you serious, lady? People have been attacked for much less and had I been in her place, I would’ve demanded my phone back and walked out. BE ALERT.
  4. Quit washing your dirty laundry in front of the help. Fighting and nit-picking shows cracks in your home and family and these can be exploited. By neighbours also! Basically, GROW UP!
  5. Lastly, you know that you can’t really survive without them so what’s up with this effin’ fiefdom? They’re your employees. Treat them the way you want your boss to treat you.

Watching a movie isn’t going to change anyone. If your help has decided to rob your or worse, this movie isn’t going to change jack shit. It’s going to in fact teach them how to convince the cops to let them go.

Everyone needed a reality check and quite frankly, this movie is IT. Everything that could go wrong in an average home has gone wrong in this family. Whether innocent or not, two people are behind bars and TWO PEOPLE ARE DEAD. Turning it into a media frenzied circus or a steamy, ’50 Shades of the Talvars’ won’t help. Two living people, one of them merely a child have been murdered and quite frankly, after the last rites were done, they were whisked out of the spotlight faster than their ashes dissolved in the Ganges. All that was left was an overwhelming amount of tantalizing information that fuelled gossip and debates around the country.

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