Talvar – Prepare to walk the knife edge

In three words – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. No not the western classic. This movie – Talvar.


Based on the wildly controversial double murder in the Talvar household, this movie is intense and gripping. Had it not been based off true events, it would’ve been equally good. Fast paced with an amazing star cast, this movie is good, good, GOOD.

The bad? I found the movie oddly biased. Quite surprising considering how controversial the actual case was. The entire feel of the movie tilts sharply in favour of the parents who are currently serving a jail sentence as per the Courts’ ruling. So while a lot of you (us) might believe that the parents are to blame, the movie prominently puts in a significant amount of doubt.

The ugly? Oh good God, the ugly! You sit through the whole movie in a state of disbelief. You end up wondering ‘Is this how weak our moral fabric is?’ Frankly, it’s bloody terrifying having this thought forced onto you.

Overall, the movie is a must watch. Beautifully directed and no talent has been wasted. Each actor has outdone himself/herself and you will absolutely carry this around in your mind for a few days at the least. You should debate and argue over this issue because the visualization of the horrendous crime has higher impact than reading about it in the newspapers or having it shouted at you by over-enthu journalistst.

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3 Responses to Talvar – Prepare to walk the knife edge

  1. Sanjukta says:

    I am uncomfortable with any kind of tilting in the case of Arushi murder. We heard of accusation of trial by media. While trial by media in the negative sense it not good, this kind of attempt to prove somebody innocent by making films or writing books (Avirook Sen) is also not right. If the courts have found the couple guilty we have no option but to trust the judiciary. But I haven’t seen the film or read the book, so I may be wrong.


    • ThePurpleImp says:

      Well, I haven’t read the book but I watched the move recently and it does plant the seeds of doubt in the mind of the viewers and they are forced to question if the current verdict is correct. The book is on the bucket list!


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