Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Ya!

The final day of the lovely Ganpati festival. The saddest and the happiest day. No one likes the festivities to end and no one likes to say good bye. However, under all the farewells, there is ever the thought of wishing the guest a safe and speedy journey. And of course, ever there is the wish that guest leaves feeling happy and relaxed. So, we have the phenomenal Ganpati Visarjan.


Step aside Sunburn, this celebration begins on the 11th day of the festival and winds down about 60 hours later. Rife with unparalleled excitement and enthusiasm, this party beats all others. From tiny home processions to massive miravnuks (processions) of maanache Ganpati (Ganpatis of honour, to be considered before all) wind their way around allotted paths, heading to the water body slotted for visarjans.



Like everything else, even this ceremony has its own significance.

Traditionally, the idols would be made out of clay and mud from the riverbeds, worshipped with turmeric, durva grass and flowers, and then submerged in the same river. Going back where it has come from, the visarjan signified the Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata! And everything offered to the idol in worship was always eco-friendly. In the new age with plaster-of-paris idols, this becomes kind of redundant but the idea was that the devotee would be blessed with a long and healthy life, surrounded in plentiful with the gifts of nature.

The Circle of Life teaches us that all beginnings have ends and vice-versa. We are all involved in a huge circular motion with the rest of the universe and are but pawns in this big celestial game. It also teaches us that throughout life we will meet people from all walks of life and each is an integral part of the system, they deserve as much love and respect as the next person.

It is also extremely important to learn that there is no permanence in life at all. What has started must come to an end one day and everything must perish. Some before the next. When the Lord himself has become One with the Universe, so should we. Of course, there is never a need to fear this ‘end’. We must learn to be never be too attached to anything and detachment would make the process of separation all the more easy.

The idol itself is a channel through which we can connect with the Almighty and God does not have a physical form. One day, we are all going to meet him.

You can read more about it here at The Speaking Tree. Beautifully and succinctly explained. Don’t miss the slideshow…

On this day of the Ganpati Visarjan, I wish all of you a fruitful and bountiful year. I hope you all see times of joy, peace and love. We can all continue praying and look forward to seeing the Lord next year.



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