Ganpati Bappa’s preferences….

The Ganpati festival is a beautiful way to bring the entire family and community together. To be joyful, happy and just be able to worship in peace. One can choose between enjoying this festival at a community center or hall where the idol may be placed or bring the idol to his or her own home.

If one does bring home a Ganpati home, there are some ways to setup the area where He is seated, so it is perfect. Just the way He would love it!

Before I list down some of the tips and best practices, I suggest you take a look here. Incredible website with all the information on preparing for a Ganpati sthapana, aarti and the entire festival itself.

Once you have browsed this, I can tell you some things that the Lord is particularly partial to and you could get it arranged during the course of His stay.

  1. Durva grass


2. Red flowers, prefferably hibiscus

3. Modaks

4. Janve


5. Betel leaves

After all, we Indians are taught Atithi Devo Bhava and what better guest could we ever ask for!

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