The Lord who is worshipped before all


This quote is one that everyone is definitely familiar with. The opening line for any hymn or prayer and always intoned before the start of an anything auspicious.

Lord Ganesha is always the first God to be worshipped and can always be found on wedding cards, entryways as well as most vehicles. Why is this?

Well, you know of how He was born. If not, read all about it right here. During this time, he was granted a boon by His father, Shiv Ji that he would be worshipped before all others, at all auspicious events. However, this is not the only reason that Lord Ganesha is highly revered.

This one time, Shiv Ji and Parvati Maa decided to have a race between their sons Ganpati and Kartikeya. The winner was to be the first to take three complete rounds of the entire world and he would then be the first one to be married off. As the story goes, Kartikeya mounted his vahan, the peacock and zoomed off. Ganpati calmly kept sitting and meditating. Not until Kartikeya had passed them for the first time, on his third and final lap around the world, did He stir. He got up, bowed low before His parents and walked around them thrice. When done, He again bowed low and simply said ‘You both are my entire world and all I would ever need in my whole life!’

Impressed by His wisdom and innocence, the proud parents declared him winner. He was also declared as the destroyer of all obstacles (Vigneshwara) and the head of all Ganas (Ganpati).

This innocence and intelligence of Lord Ganesha is, till this date, revered and the reason why He is the first to be worshipped, always.


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