Significance of the Ganpati idol

Ganpati Bappa MORYA!

The elephant God is finally here. All the preparations done. The decorations are up. The menus are planned and sthapana done. It’s a joyous occasion having Him over. People are constantly visiting, there’s loads of yummy food in the house and it’s just about the same as having a beloved relative over for holidays.

But what is the significance of this God? Why does he have an elephant head or a portly belly? Why does he have four hands and one broken tusk? How has he, in his own way, changed the course of many events?

Let’s see if you can use these eleven days to learn something more about this guy 🙂

Beautiful Ganeshji

First off, it is very common knowledge that every part of a Ganesha idol has some significance. He is a people’s God and he signifies this from the very top to the very bottom. Take a look at the image below


Interesting right? Think about the next time you walk into a temple for darshan. Just before you bow you head and close your eyes. You will see so many of these little symbols that make Him one of the most cherished Gods all world over!

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