London Marathoner

Ladies PLEASE! We MUST calm ourselves. In our fervour of becoming feminists, we have evolved back into the Stone Age!

What is this, hunh? Are we effin’ savages? Grunting at each other and then knocking someone on the head with a club? I know it sounds tempting but just stop! Let’s all of us just take a collective deep breath, just unbunch our panties and look at this.

I mean SERIOUSLY, what is this, eh? How far have we gone in trying to be independent and ‘carefree’? There was a post depicting my period as gushing flood of blood. I said ‘meh’. Then there was another describing my period cramp as being scratched on the inside by hands with 6 foot nails of wickedness. I said ‘hmm’. Then there was this post that said I was simply daft for saying ‘I am down’ when on my period. I was like ‘How is that going to make me feel better or worse?’ Apparently those 3 words would change me from


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I was so damn put off by the headline that I never got around to reading the post! What the hell was it going to say? How admiring throngs watched her BLEED to the finish line? EEWW! WHY? Why would anyone want to do that? On top of it, apparently, APPARENTLY she showed a middle finger to ‘period shamers’. Look honestly, I think the only middle finger she has any right to use is the one she needs to shove up her pee-wee to stop leaking onto her state-of-the-art running shoes! If she had been swimming across the Atlantic or something like that, she would’ve been eaten up by sharks before she could’ve said period cramp… Good riddance I say!

Why the hell would anyone want to run halfway to what-the-hell-was-she-thinking WITHOUT the notion of basic hygiene? For herself?

So NO ok. Just no. Damn! I’m sorry for the poor schmuck who had to hand her a medal or certificate while making sure he doesn’t get anything on himself that would later implicate him in case she was stabbed or some such.

All I want to ask her is WHY? You’re running for Breast Cancer Awareness and you don’t want to promote hygiene? You say you ran like that to express solidarity for ‘my sisters who don’t have access to these basic needs’. Don’t you think it would be more fruitful to, maybe, join a group that DOES help women get access to these necessities? You say ‘it’s there and we fight it every day’. Look really, the only fight right now is in a better part of the world trying to figure out if this is for real.

So NO ok. No #respect. No #imawoman. No #whatever. I say #getsomeperspectiveonhowproblemsaresolved or #areyouserious or #youvegotalittlesomethingonyourwinkwink.

Please woman! You REALLY need help. And a tampon. So just #shutthehellupandtakeashower.

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4 Responses to London Marathoner

  1. Sanjukta says:

    Oh good i thought I was the only feminist who found this marathon runner absolutely pseudo and stupid. And when i shared my thoghts on a gender group on FB you had to see how i was attacked. So here’s what i wrote on my FB:

    I find the woman running marathon while bleeding menstrual blood a bit too much. Its taking feminism to rather strange extremes. Shitting and pissing are also natural process then why do we have a problem with open defecation and public urination? Why do we need toilets at all? Indian government rather roll back their toilets for every house scheme and put that money somewhere else. People can go about shitting in public while attending to their daily activities like going to work or the movies in celebration of our natural pure healthy digestive system and bowel movement. Because really why should ovulation and menstruation be treated any differently than bowel movement and shit or kidney function and piss? Isn’t there a gender based hypocrisy if feminists claim that women menstruating is beautiful while people generally shitting is dirty.

    Is it just that all extreme statements are to be made by the feminists only? What about a man wanting to masturbate in public – perfectly normal and healthy practice it is, so why do we frown?


    • ThePurpleImp says:

      I think feminism has turned into a misguided rebellion without a cause. The idea of feminism is to empower those women who are downtrodden, bereft of basic privileges and living in conditions not fit for human existence. However, it has vastly turned into male bashing and being an extremist. I am glad someone agrees with me 🙂


  2. That “marathon runner” did not bleed while running to make any point. If you read her interview, she had been practising for this marathon for a year, and even thought of not going for it when she realised that she is on her period. It was a spur of the moment decision, to not worry about a tampon or pad, and just run. And I think that it is admirable. And we (the people) should leave it at that. And there is nothing unhygienic about it; it’s not like pee that you spoil everything with litres of it. And if she had decided to go swim, it would’ve been perfectly alright; you see the water pressure is enough to keep it all in; teenagers are encouraged not to give up swimming during their periods for this same reason. 🙂


    • ThePurpleImp says:

      The statement on being gobbled up by a shark was just a joke 🙂

      However, I still think that what she did was a bit extreme. In her interview, she clearly states that “I ran with blood dripping down my legs for sisters who don’t have access to tampons and sisters who, despite cramping and pain, hide it away and pretend like it doesn’t exist.” I believe that the only purpose served here has been to bring her to the limelight while pushing into the dark, the issues she says she was actually wanting to address. In addition, it has, a little unfairly pushed the winner of the marathon off her pedestal too!

      I just feel that she could have dealt with her concerns on women and the taboo on periods in a constructive fashion to yield more quantifiable results 🙂


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