Father’s Day

It’s easy to celebrate Mother’s Day. There’s a lot of hoo-ha. Tons of activities, discounts and propaganda floating about. It should be too. After all, a mom is a mom is a mom…

But what about the other parent? THE DAD! The word itself strikes awe, love and terror in your heart. Dad was the one with whom we had awful maths classes. Dad was the one we had to seek permission from (Ugh!) and Dad was the one who wasn’t told about boyfriends or girlfriends.

It’s easy to see why the mom was the favoured one. She was the one who was would be the secret keeper, the kisser of wounds, the little bit of glue to hold everyone together.

But Dad… I grew older and older to realise how fantastic you have been all my life. How you filled in all my forms because they were too tedious for me. Even now when tax-time rolls around, I wish I could send all the ghastly paperwork to you. How you chased away the ruffians, real and imagined. I travel in the Metro and miss you because I have to be all brave instead of just being your little girl. Dad you were the one who took us out for little treats when mum wasn’t around. We thought it was because you couldn’t cook but I know that wasn’t true after you threw together the most fantastic cup of tea there ever was. You were the one who cried when you dropped me off to hostel or for my first day of work! You are the one who still holds my hand when we have to cross the road to get me to work. And yes, you are the one who still drops me to work all the days that you are staying with me.

But the best thing you ever did was take me to office, turn around and decline a cup of tea in the cafeteria saying, ‘No no…I don’t want to embarrass you in front of your friends!’ It reminded me that for you I’d always be the little girl who was trying so hard to grow up that she would tell her own dad to quickly go away!

Truth to be told, you’ve been the rock in our lives. It’s thanks to you I know that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder, all those times when you were away doing ‘manly’ things for the Army. It’s thanks to you I know that savings can be a reality and that there is always a go-to guy no matter where I am in the world. You’ve been so great with all our girly issues and how you listen to us though you’d rather be watching a Bruce Willis blockbuster or how you accepted that with two daughters, pink rooms, teary weddings and emotional rollercoasters are all just a big package deal. Albeit with a dressy ribbon on the top. We’re girls after all!

We all hope to be as sensible and stoic as you one day and there is no way to tell you how incredible it has been having a crazy, giggly, nutty nut like you as our dad!

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