The right of respect

Turns out, the age old adage – To get respect, you must give/earn respect is not only true but also ignored. It’s easy to quote but pretty hard to actually follow through and the blatant lack of respect (ironical eh?) for this saying is the reason society tends to disintegrate into a writhing mass of humanity which lives by trodding on each other in a fight to get to the top of the ‘pyramid of power’.

It’s a shame we cannot respect those who protect us or those who are dependant on us. Doesn’t their valour or their vulnerability evoke a natural instinct to respect their rights? Right to live and die in dignity? Right to privacy and especially the right to say NO!

Unfortunately, we belong to a country, nay! A world that deems it their right to take their privileges for granted. That is why there are wars and clashes. The decisions of a few men destroy lives of a million. Ego hassles, money matters and the fight for power rattle nations and break up families. Yet we have no respect for our soldiers. We treat enemy soldiers like dirt. Tormenting and mutilating them. Trying to break their spirits in the most horrendous ways possible so they will give up precious bits of information. As if that isn’t enough, when these soldiers are brought back to their families, there is no glory in their death! Ideally, people should be out on the street to witness the final journey of the braveheart. However, they just cluck their disapproval at the news and switch the channel when the debate of the ‘experts’ gets too loud, as is the wont. Screw this! We treat our own soldiers like they owe US something because they have a job thanks to the fact that we need to be protected.

We live in a world where touching someone inappropriately is deemed to be appropriate. Why? Well because they were dressed that way or walked that way or were annoying. Incidents on the rise and the number and severity of punishments going down. How unfortunate for us that we are so desensitised to these awful headlines that our response to them is, ‘Well we will protect ourselves’ instead of ‘This has to come to an end’. Women, children, even men. No one is safe. The idea is to dominate them. To push them the ‘weak’ to do their bidding. To turn them into string marionettes for their own perverse pleasure.

It’s a shame really. Instead of using all this strength and responsibility to help each other out, we choose to use it for nothing more than to supplement our destructive thoughts. Violence is the norm. So is pain. Nowadays, turning on the news is nothing more than a wild ride through the levels of human degradation. Distressed families, blurry images of the consequences of bad actions and hurt that radiates out through television screens.

So, ‘To get respect we have to give/earn respect’. It is a sad fact that no matter how old we get or where in the world we go, giving respect, let alone earning it is a forte that is most uncommon and one that no one really strives for.

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2 Responses to The right of respect

  1. Abhishek Prakash says:

    Well said. Give respect Get Respect…


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