Fermentation scares me!

Ridiculous as it might sound, fermentation scares the crap out of me. Every time I set some batter or dough aside for fermentation, I am sure it is going to turn into something out of a bad Japanese movie. Batter before fermentation looks like this


and normally, after fermentation like this


My over-active imagination, however, turns it into this

sector-7 monster,

when I lift up the lid. It’s bloody ridiculous I tell you. Being afraid of being strangled or eaten by a shapeless blob.

It’s not really the fault of my over active imagination as much the fault of all the crap that I keep feeding my mind with. Primetime horror shows or movies can sow seeds of mild terror and nutty behaviour in my mind. These will then begin to grow and encourage me to completely not act my age. I will run from one room to another after switching off the light. I will NOT step out of my blanket to check if the front door is locked. I’d rather get burgled than dragged under the bed by a monster. I most definitely don’t want to be gnawed on by a thirsty vampire with toothache or a werewolf with fleas.

Some days are of course, much better than the others. Those days I don’t peer around corners or avoid staring into the mirror. Those days I can actually step into a room, not switch on the lights and not disintegrate into a blithering mass of nerves. On these good days, I generally vow not to explore any more of the material that takes me into the dark realms of witchcraft and wizardry or the mystical world of the undead, the evil and dead-but-not-willing-to-accept-it-yet. No more soaking in the gore and floating down a morbid river of entrails in any of the stories I read. No more shuddering in a foetal position and regretting watching whatever supernatural movie had been playing on TV then.

Such days I am brave. I snap at the scratching noises at my window. I sneer at the dogs howling in the middle of the night. I know that the wind the is just the wind and not a banshee. Haha!! I am brave and invincible and….WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT SOUND!!??!!

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