For the love of the mountains

I have always been in love with the mountains. Which makes it all the more better that I am now married to a pahadi and have a million reasons to just take off and get away from the world. The mountains are clean and pure. They have some of the most beautiful vistas I have ever seen. The soaring peaks and plunging valleys. The genuine respect for traffic and life. The mountains have an uncanny way of putting things in perspective. You might be the biggest baddest boy of the city but here you are just a little speck. At the mercy of these behemoths.

This long weekend we chose to visit Mukteshwar. Located in the lush lap of the Kumaon himalayas, Mukteshwar is a beautiful place to visit. With no other source of entertainment except the weather and the view, you are not distracted by random stuff like tv serials or a mall to go shopping in. All you need to do is grab a coffee, sit back and contemplate on why you have been ignoring your blog under the pretext of having too much work in office.

The monsoons were kind to us this time. Which means to say that the rains kept dripping down on us. The mist would sail in and flow out. One second we could see the valley and the next, we would be gazing at fluffy, mischievous clouds, floating and frolicking around each other. We Delhi people don’t see much rain so something like this was close enough to being the cat’s whiskers and then some. Like typical city people, we went skipping and jumping under umbrellas. Clicked embarrassing pictures and convinced ourselves we looked so good. Oh! We also bought some souvenirs we didn’t need and definitely didn’t deserve.

The place we were staying at was so beautifully done up that it seemed something out of a British dream.


All wood and red brick, the set up was so raw and down to earth that the husband and I decided it was worth slogging hard to be able to afford one day. We could practically see ourselves living the high life you know? Living in the mountains and snuggling up to bhutiya dogs at night.


Then taking off randomly to some other exotic location, not because we were bored but because we had the money to do it. That’s right! I’m talking about savings baby. And extra spending money after that too! It’s a myth no? I mean what could possibly be wrong with waking up to this every morning? IMAG0995[1]

It’s inspiration enough I tell you.

Life on the mountains can be very tough. Everyday is a struggle for small amenities that we take for granted. Things like getting milk, vegetables or spices alone can entail having to take long walks on little goat paths and coming back so laden with stuff that the only thing the city people (read : us) will see is a heeooj bag of stuff walking around on a scrawny pair of legs. This could easily lead to a spate of ‘Ooh! You know my friend saw a ghost….blah-di-blah’ and another set of ‘No way! Ghosts don’t exist. They’re a figment of your imagination.’ This almost immediately leads to ‘I need to pee. Please come along! I will give you a LOT of money. Or ‘Baby I love you but please tell me that is your cold hand on my bum’. You know the works.

Driving on the mountains is different. More technical and possibly tougher. Which means you can’t be blasting ‘WHAT IS LOVE’ and head banging and expecting to not be tossed off the closest cliff by a responsible driver. See you have to go slow, honk on turns and give way to bigger vehicles and those coming uphill. Of course, don’t go so slow that you cause a jam all the way from Nainital to China. For those of you who don’t know the mountains of India, that’s a LONG way and I’m not entirely sure if they are connected either. Meh. Also, when you honk on turns, it should be an innocent bleep not a raging storm that would cause landslides and the deaths of thousands. I mean come on people! What do you think this is? Sparta?

The next time you are in the mountains, be a tourist. Ogle at the colourful flowers, eat like a pig, walk three steps uphill and then huff and puff like the big bad wolf with asthma. Go on long treks, stub a toe, shriek and run away from an earthworm. Wet your dainty toes in a stream with water colder than what the Hitachi guys promised in their refrigerators. There’s so much fun in being ridiculous that you almost forget to laugh at other people who are doing the same. Almost. *evil grin*

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2 Responses to For the love of the mountains

  1. Rohan says:

    Nice article …. especially I loved the part where you mentioned something about driver


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