Beddy bye…

Today’s Daily Prompt : Sleepy Time

More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?

Nights are the best part of the day as far as I am concerned. Meant for a select few to enjoy while the rest of us slumber the hours away. Home to lovers and students, criminals and ghosts. Nights are meant to be enjoyed by those who can brave the dark and see the beauty in its velvet emptiness.

Having said that, my night time routines are nowhere close to being romantic or illegal. They’re more on the lines of me turning into a vegetable. A couch potato at that. By the time the dishes are stacked and the kitchen is organised to my liking, my shows are on the verge of beginning. I invariably get pulled towards the television and scrunch up in front of it and while away the time before my body puts its foot down (figuratively, of course) and I trudge to bed. The husband being more sensible, is already there and rumbling like a little hailstorm in the offing.

Aah! The sheer joy of being able to stretch myself in my own bed! The mattress has moulded itself to suit me, the sheets smell familiar and everything is just perfectly right. The latest read is just inches away and I open up the pages and drift away into worlds that are eons away from my own. Mostly these worlds would be full of dragons, wizards, aliens and some such. Yes…I still love these, oh so much!

Just as I am about to turn another page and let the magic of the tale wash over me, the book falls from my helpless fingers. My eyes droop of their own accord and my bed gently nudges me into the perfect shape to drift off. I can sense sleep overwhelming me. My muscles are relaxing. My soul is at peace. The dreams begin to swoop in faster and faster. SUDDENLY! The husband grunts up and tells me to shut the damn light before I fall asleep!

Shut the light and face the dark and the demons of the dark on my own! Whoa! That’ s something I can fret over for another half hour or so before I gather the courage to make the dreaded journey to the light bulb switch and back. After all, the eyes are getting droopy again.

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3 Responses to Beddy bye…

  1. squeekarose says:

    It’s as if I’m afraid I might miss something if I just lay down and go to sleep 🙂 ….I continuously check my phone for emails and then I’ll look things up on google just to get answers to some weird questions, or my personal fav is to join different groups like this one.


  2. Trident says:

    As a ritual someone inside me wakes me up after midnight & I make quite trips to the pantry & look for my fav junk food that I can’t lay my hand on during the evenings -:) And trust me it’s such a utterly butterly delight to eat after midnight!


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