Bye buddy

I lost a friend yesterday. He wasn’t a close friend. Not one who I had spoken to in quite some time. But he was a friend. One with whom I had some great college memories. When we sat and talked about him, I was surprised at how many memories we did share with him. I guess one never realises how many people you know and how much you know them till you are forced to retrospect. You never realise how many lives a person has touched until a common grief forces you to share tears and shoulders with complete strangers.

It feels a little odd. Like I am watching a movie. Like this is a story and everything will be back to normal once the credits hit the screen. Everybody who knew him, knew he loved only two things in life. Parties and the gym. He was a crazy, crazy body builder who made sure everyone around him tried his diets at least once. We all did. Since none of us had his sense of conviction, they of course never worked. Suddenly I can remember in sharp contrast, all the times we all have hung out together. I remember piling on at his place to watch a T20 match and sitting with a bunch of people trying to figure out why the hell he had black satin as bed and pillow covers.

There was a night when the entire building full of angry neighbours descended upon our flat and we had to leave to avoid a ruckus. He got us all to his house where we crashed for the night. The house smelt of eggs (he was on a new diet), we were almost 7 of us in a bit sized house, we were scared and exhausted with the drama and I distinctly remember watching back-to-back MTV videos. Now when I think back, it was one of the most eventful nights of my college. Quite a bunch of memories there!

And now, I am sorry. I am sorry that I didn’t drop a hi when, thanks to technology, he was just a few keystrokes away. I am sorry that we didn’t talk about him often enough when now we can only do it in the past tense. I will always miss you buddy. I hope you’re somewhere in heaven preaching diets to the chubby cherubs and the greek Gods. It’s one thing to not be in touch with someone. It’s another knowing you can never be in touch with them.


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